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Machine to Machine Business Solutions

Lebara Business Solutions

Machine to Machine, also known as M2M services or communications uses a device to capture an event that is then relayed over a network delivering data to applications. These devices use a SIM card that is able to receive and transmit the event data wirelessly to a central server where an Application translates this data into meaningful information that can be analyzed and acted upon e.g. motion sensors used within a surveillance camera or tracking a vehicles movement. The intelligent sensors within the device are embedded in a remote asset and wide variety of events such as temperature, location, consumption, heart rate, stress levels, light, movement, altitude and speed.

At Lebara, we aim to build long-term goodwill relationships with our M2M partners to extend and facilitate our services for a better customer experience and end-user prompt problem solving, through state-of-the-art Device and Service Management Platform, which endows our partners’ full visibility on the performance of end-user devices and connectivity.

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