Lebara Postpaid Packages

The new Lebara Post-paid packages
have been designed to fulfill customers’
needs and provide our value customers
with peace of mind subscriptions.

Postpaid Package Details

You can purchase your Post-paid line from any authorized Lebara POS or call our call centre 0576001755.

Monthly Fees SAR
Postpaid 150
Postpaid 300
Postpaid 500
Postpaid 700
Rental Fees150300500700
Free Minutes on-net300030005000Unlimited*
Free Minutes off-net30075012502000
On-Net SMS3005007501000
Off-Net SMS204080200
Int’l SMS102040200
Int’l Mins000200
Free data GB7GB15GB25GB50GB
Roaming GCC Min (Local and Calling back home)000100
Roaming Receiving Calls000Unlimited
Commitment period12 Months12 Months24 Months24 Months
Vanity NumberBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
CITC Reference Number3913580391358039135803913580

* Fair usage policy to be applied = 10,000 minutes

For Free Receiving Calls during Roaming, you can subscribe to the “Receiving Roaming Bundle” as follows:

1. Subscription code to be *666*009#
2. The customer will be able to receive calls for FREE upon activating this bundle on 150, 300 and 500 Packages.
3. This bundle costs 50SAR per month and valid for 30 Days from activation.
4. Name: Receiving Roaming Service

Outside Bundles Rates for national activities, each package is going to be charged as follows:

Monthly Fees SAR
On-net Min Rate
Off-net Min Rate
SMS Local
SMS Int’l
On-Net SMS
Data MB
Postpaid 1500.250.350.
Postpaid 3000.200.300.
Postpaid 5000.
Postpaid 7000.

Terms & conditions:

  • Outside each bundle given, standard Rates applied on International Calls and Roaming.
  • For those customers who get normal Numbers NOT VANITY on any postpaid package, Commitment Period and penalties are not applicable.
  • Customers can pay deposits in case they want higher credit limit.
  • In case the customer has a commitment, he cannot downgrade his plan unless he pays the full commitment period, otherwise the customer can always upgrade his plan
  • The Subscriber may request the termination of the service provided that the minimum contract period has elapsed (12 calendar months from the date of subscription to the postpaid bills of 700, 500, 300 and 150 SAR). If the subscriber decides to transfer the number to another operator or to join another package of Lebara packages before the minimum contract period ends, He shall pay the fees for the number obtained by the category of the number minus the period he has committed, if the customer stayed for half the period of the commitment, the amount of the Vanity Number value will be deducted by half and so on. The price of Lebara Vanity Numbers is as follow: PLATINI 35000 SR, Gold SR 12,500, SILVER SR 3500 and Bronze SR 1000.