Recharge using a Lebara voucher – Top up

Top up & Balance
Once you have bought your voucher or scratch card, you will have three options to apply the credit, however please be aware that entering an incorrect voucher or scratch card number could block your top up service:

Use our USSD codes If you dial *111* Scratch card number* ID number#, then press call, the recharge will be applied onto your SIM.You can use our USSD menu system to recharge, just call *000# and select option 1 for recharge.

Use our IVR line

Call the IVR on 1755 and choose to recharge using a voucher by press 3 and enter the ID number and then enter recharge PIN. Alternatively use MyLebara

Visit the Lebara website – Mylebara - is available via your Smartphone and computer/ MAC, here once you have logged into your account will have the option of recharging with the voucher you have purchased.