MyLebara – Account Management

Plans & Rates
MyLebara is a comprehensive platform that will enable you to enjoy your Lebara Mobile services at ease. MyLebara makes it easy to:

  • • View your profile.
  • • View your account details.
  • • View active promotions attached to your account.
  • • Change your password.
  • • View your numbers.
  • • Recharge your Lebara line using a voucher. By entering the voucher number and your ID.
  • • Transfer balance between existing Lebara lines.
  • • View your usage: it will allow you to search previous calls, SMS, data, as we as the recharge history over the last three months (with the ability to download this data).
  • • Manage your favorite family and friends numbers.
If you already have an active Lebara sim card start using our MyLebara service benefits. Should you need a Lebara number you can always order a Lebara sim card online.