MyLebara: Track your usage

Managing your Account
To get the best experience from your Lebara SIM card, we recommend that you register to our online service called MyLebara.
View My Usage You can search previous calls, SMS, data, as well as recharge history over the last 3 months, view it or even download the information for your own records.Under My Usage you will find 2 search categories.
  1. Account history
On your account history you will be able to search the usage on your line. Here you can search the calls, SMS and data usage between the selected dates.You will find the time of usage as well as cost of each use.
  1. Recharge History
Recharge history will allow you to search data regarding your recharges and credit transfers over the 3 months; we will provide you time and date of when these transactions were made as well as the balance during that period. With this you will be able to keep track of how much is money is coming in and out of your Lebara line.

If you already have an active Lebara line, click hereto begin using our MyLebara service.