International Call Packages

Plans & Rates
International pass provides minutes to a choice of 12 different with 12 passes. To find out more about the International Pass, please click hereActivate International PassYou can use our direct code to instantly activate our International Pass. Just dial *777*unique code# and press call. 
Pakistan Pass*777*0092#
India Pass*777*0091#
Bangladesh Pass*777*00880#
Egypt Pass*777*0020#
Sri Lanka Pass*777*0094#
Philippines Pass*777*0063#
Indonesia Pass*777*0062#
Jordan Pass*777*00962#
Lebanon Pass*777*00961#
Yemen Pass*777*00967#
Syria Pass*777*00963#
Nepal Pass*777*00977#
 There is another way to activate the Mobile Net Saver; you can use the USSD menu:1. Dial *000# 2. Select 1 for Recharge 3. Select 3 for Bundles and Promotions 4. Select 3 for International Pass International Pass does not auto renewOnce the minutes have been exhausted or have been expired it will not automatically renew and you will be charged from your standard ratesfor any calls made internationally. To reactivate follow the procedure explained above.To find out more please click hereCheck the balance of your International PassCall 1755 and press option 1 to hear how many minutes are left on all your active International Pass. Note: The pass balance will not be shown if you dial *110# or *000#