How to Send a SMS Message while Abroad?

Plans & Rates
To send a message while you are abroad, enter the country code into your phone, followed by the mobile number you wish to text.

For all numbers, remember to drop the ‘0’at the start of the phone number, e.g. to send a text to a number in India while you are abroad please enter +919xxxxxxxxx. Or to send a text message back to the KSA while you are abroad please enter +966xxxxxxxxx.

Tip: Make sure you use the international dialling code (i.e. +966 for the KSA) before texting any number while roaming.

Normally your handset should pick up the preferred mobile network of the country you are in. In some instances however there may be no network coverage in a particular region. In this situation you will need to do a manual network search by following these steps:

1. Access your phone's menu. 2. Select network settings. 3. Select network selection or connectivity. 4. Select manual network search. 5. After your handset scans all local networks in the area, select a local network.

Once complete, turn your phone off and on to reboot it; if this attempt fails please try your SIM in another unlocked handset.