How to Manually Activate Lebara Internet

Calls & Internet
You can install the internet settings into your phone manually; all you have to do is change the APN (access point name) and restart the phone.

Lebara APN: Lebara
To install Lebara Internet & MMS settings to your Android phone manually:
  • 1. Select Apps.
  • 2. Select Settings.
  • 3. Select More Setting or More Networks.
  • 4. Select Mobile Networks.
  • 5. Select Access Points Name.
  • 6. Remove all current settings except Lebara MMS.
  • 7. Press the Menu button.
  • 8. Click new APN.
  • 9. Type 'Lebara'.
  • 10. Apply the APN.
  • 11. Press the menu button to reveal more options and click save.
  • 12. Restart the phone for the setting to take effect.

To install Lebara Internet & MMS settings to your iPhone device manually:
  • 1. Open Settings.
  • 2. Select Mobile.
  • 3. Tap mobile data.
  • 4. Switch the on/off switch to on.
  • 5. Go back to mobile settings.
  • 6. Tap Mobile Data Network.
  • 7. Only apply the APN.
If you have another type of handset please refer to your phone manufacturer’s manual to find out how to access the APN settings.